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Other translators in my area are unreliable and will not even answer the phone. With Speakt I was able to get the job done easily in a matter of days without leaving my office.
Walter Melon
One of the best translation companies; fast, affordable and quality translations. It's amazing how easily we receive our translated documents.
Gail Forcewind
The documents were returned on time, the translations were added back to the original PDF files. The translations were spot on given the technical nature of our work.
Anita Cavill
Considering the sheer volume of the job and the strong deadline, we sincerely appreciated the consistent quality and speed with which you returned the translations.
Peter Cruiser
The process was very easy and quick, the translation price good and very reasonable and I will definitely recommend it to anyone who is in need of professional translation services.
Victor May
The translation services was immediate and efficient. An excellent team that is always at your disposal. Thanks Speakt team. Continue the excellent job.
Samantha Ross