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If you are in a hurry what we suggest is to send us the original text at……… We will help you count the words and give you a competitive quote free of charge and without any obligation.

How To Count The Number Of Words In A Microsoft Word Document

If your original text is in Microsoft Word format then you can count the words easily as Word counts the number of words for you as you type.

Take a look in the bottom left hand corner of the application window and you’ll see a summary.

Counting The Number Of Words In A PDF Document

PDFs which contain text represented as text are produced when you use the ‘save as PDF’ option in packages like Microsoft Word.

The advantage of this is that you can open the PDF and then simply copy all the text from the PDF and paste it into Word and read of the number of words as described in the previous section by looking at the statistics in the bottom left corner of the Word application window.

In some cases PDFs contain text which is not represented as characters using fonts but as graphics instead.

Before we can count the number of words in this type of PDF we need to convert the graphics back into text characters.

We use sophisticated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software running on powerful computers to automate this process.

I’m really pleased to inform that we are fully equipped to do your work.

Quotes for website translations

To give you the exact quote of the text, we need to access the website files (html, php, etc.). Our team of experts will help you convert your website content into html, php files etc….

We would like to know whether you need just text translation or deep localization of the website – (web-designing) as per the requirement of the targeted market.

Localization of the website is very important as color, symbols, style of writing and use of words have different connotations in different parts of the world.

White color symbolizes ‘purity’ and innocence in western countries whereas it is associated with mourning and death in Asian Countries.

Whether you need simple text translation or deep localization of the content, our team will help you get your job done as per your requirements.

Please contact our help desk for more details

The cost of translations is calculated by many variables.

We always provide a fair and open pricing policy with a written estimate including a full cost breakdown.

Several factors affect the price you pay; each is discussed in detail below so you can understand exactly what you are getting for your money.

  • Number of words/characters in the source document
  • Class of translation
  • Deadline
  • Format of the source document
  • Format of the finished document
  • Language pairs to be translated
  • Complexity and level of specialist knowledge required

Thank you for your question. And the answer is simple ‘YES’.

Hope the following points will help you:-

PDF stands for Portable Document Format aimed at providing maximum compatibility across different document handling platforms. They way PDFs work is quite complicated.

They work very well and have become the de facto standard for business documents, But they way PDFs work is quite complicated.

What you need to do is to simply send us the original source files in Word, In Design, Illustrator or whichever other package they were created in. We open the source file, translate it and then save the finished result as a PDF in the translated language and send it back to you.

Yes. We translate large amounts of content in many fields, extending from general business texts to those requiring the expert’s knowledge or industry expertise.

We offer instant machine translation in over 100 languages and an accurate human translation in 3000 language pairs.

Feel free to contact us for any further queries, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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